Introduction to the course

Artificial intelligence and data science are the areas where countries of the world are focusing on development and talents are shortage. Among them, talents with theoretical and practical abilities are especially lacking. In view of this, domestic and foreign universities, such as Stanford, MIT, and the National Jiaotong University, provide artificial intelligence and data science course in order to cultivate such talents and enhance students' competitiveness in the international arena. The NCHU plans to open this course and actively train relevant industry talents to achieve the goal of promoting industrial upgrading and fulfilling social responsibilities. In addition, there are many laboratories in the universitythat have substantial cooperation with well-known foreign laboratories. This course will promote students and cooperative laboratories to conduct international research projects and provide students with a more direct international connection and competitiveness.

This course is a master's degree in AI artificial intelligence, information security, and data science.

Industry-university cooperation

Through the National Chung Hsing University-Production, Learning and Research Link Center, the school's resources are integrated, and the intangible assets of the universityare used to promote the cooperation between the university and the industry.

In order to integrate with the industry, this course will also hold a special research results publishing competition, hire relevant professors and industry divisions to conduct evaluations, and give appropriate rewards to students with excellent research results to enhance students' self-worth affirmation. The NCHU will also invite alumni or related companies who have graduated from the school to be senior academic students, and regularly hold the “Einstein Meets Edison” Industry-Academic Forum to provide teachers and students with an understanding of industrial needs and innovative entrepreneurial ideas. Extend and sign a cooperation agreement between the two parties to provide opportunities for students to develop their careers in the future.

Career development

At present, the department has been in contact with a number of companies such as Caiwei International Information, Liushutang Digital Learning, Yisi Technology, Kai Tak Electronics, Shuangbang Industry, Orange Electronics, Dajiang Biomedical, Guoguang Biotechnology, Kang Chengsheng Medical, and Tang Court The establishment of cooperative relations between companies such as Chewang Dian, Yi Ti Technology, Baocheng Co., Ltd., NZC, ITRI, Xingda School Enterprise Co., Ltd. will further deepen the cooperation with the industry and help students With the ever-changing technology, we can instantly understand the needs of the industry, develop corresponding skills, and enhance the competitiveness of the career.